Pallet nailing machine

for special pallets and box walls

For the production of small and large size pallets, the work area can be used in both normal and parallel mode. With the adjustable nailing bridge it´s possible to manufacture a wide range of products from small wood box walls to big pallets.

Work area:
The modular nail table can be equipped with either manual or automatic driven stop angles for the lower woods. Thanks to a modular system of stop angles and rivet plates, the nail table can be configured for all types of pallets.

Standardized design of the nail gun units allows flexible positioning and the exchange of different nail gun models.

To avoid collisions, the retraction of the lifting cylinder is constantly monitored.

Since the machine continuously tracks nail consumption it automatically stops before it runs out of nails for the next pallet.

The control desk is equipped with a touch panel to program the pallet size and set the pallet counter. With the integrated program storage all the settings of an individual pallet can be saved for reuse.

The operating language is available in German, English, Czech and Taiwanese.

Before the first program starts the machine does an automatic teach run to detect nail positions. Together with an intuitive user interface this reduces programming times to a minimum.

The pallet machine is equipped with an emergency stop at the control panel, as well as a collision protection unit and an emergency stop on the nail bridge.

The software includes a printer interface for comfortable label printing.

The entire configuration and size of the machine can be adjusted to the requirements of our customers.


Production of large size pallets

The wood is nailed together manually.