Compactor containers

Particularly well-suited for larger volumes of residual waste, house waste or commercial waste.


  • No structural work required when erecting the compactor container.
  • The compactor unit and the container are firmly connected to each other and so can be used even for short periods, anytime, anywhere there is an electrical connection point.


Range of available models:
  • Can be supplied as portable waste and/or roll-off containers
  • Extensive range of additional equipment, built-on tipping system, level indicator, etc.
  • Storage capacities: 8 m³, 10 m³, 12 m³, 13 m³ oder 15 m³


  • 4 mm steel plate container walls and floor
  • 8 mm steel plate tubular-shaped ribbing-reinforced compactor floor
  • High-quality electrical and hydraulic components
  • Compaction force:  25 tons
These compactor containers are produced in Austria using robotic welding.