Custom machinery

We build handling appliances and special machinery to customer requirements.


If you would like to automate a work process, just ask us!
We will work with you to find a design solution and will help you with the technical conversion.


Conveyor technology for paint shops:

Using electrical lifting gear, the parts are picked up and positioned at the optimal working height. They are then transported on a continuous rail system through the washing, painting and drying cabins from the steel construction hall directly into the assembly hall. 











Bale conveyors with bale stacking device



Structural steel coil turning device                                           Automated sheet storage shelving for 3000 x 1500 mm and 4000 x 2000 mm formats












Hydraulic measuring table 15 m in length - for  cutting structural steel to required length



The woodchip bunker cover is built at ground level and can be approached with a truck (maximum load capacity 5 tons). It is opened hydraulically.